Le Clos de l'Angley


In order to share with you the history of the Clos Angley, first of all I wanted to explain the birth of this project.
Le Clos de l’Angley is a farmhouse owned by our family for 7 generations. I grew up there. I always had the desire to preserve the family heritage whose buildings suffered the time attack’s. Also, my great-grandfather, who also lived there, was one of the major breeder in the area.
Horses have always been the soul of this house, this passion following us for decades!

carte d'État Major de 1820, laissant apparaître le Clos de l'Angley

This is why in 2016, after long thought and discussion, we decided to change our life, return to live in my childhood home, and turn it into an Equestrian Cottages and stables.
We do not know exactly the year of construction of the Clos de l’Angley. However we find its trace on a map from 1820. Some works were necessary… They began in January 15th 2018 and will last over a year.